How do you get Angie’s Pink Slip in Need for Speed Carbon?

How do you get Kenji’s car in Need for Speed Carbon?

Vehicles. Kenji drives a Mazda RX-7 that can be obtained by the player through a pink slip marker from his Boss Bonus Cards. He drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR-edition upon joining Stacked Deck that cannot be obtained by the player.

Who plays Angie in NFS Carbon?

She previously had a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T until her defeat and the demise of the 21st Street Crew forced her to become one of Darius three assistants and members of the Stacked Deck Crew whilst driving a 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept. She is played by Danielle Kremeniuk.

How do you beat Angie in Need for Speed Carbon?

It’s the easiest boss to beat in the duel, especially if you drive a tuner. The method is simple – keep as close to Angie as you can on the straight, and when she drift in the corner, get into her inside.

How do you get the Wolfs car in Need for Speed Carbon?

You need to defeat wolf and select the fourth reward card of the the cards having this mark ?. thats it you get the pinkslip thats wolfs car!!!

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What is the best car in NFS Carbon?

Lotus Elise

This little devilkin was the best car in Most Wanted. Better than Mercedes’, Astons, Porsches – most of the players drove the Elise. In fact it didn’t lose its main speed in Carbon, which is handling in the corners, but when compared to tier III cars it is simply too slow.

Who is Nikki NFS Carbon?

Nikki is played by Emmanuelle Vaugier in-game.

How do you enter cheats on Need for Speed Carbon PC?

To activate the following passwords, insert them when the screen tells you to click to continue.

  1. 5grand5grand – unlocks Castrol Cash.
  2. bigredfiredrive – unlocks Fire Truck (Quick Race)
  3. canyonalltheway – unlocks all tracks.
  4. chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk – unlocks Mazda Dealership.


What does Tfk stand for in NFS Carbon?

The Fortuna Kings often abbreviated TFK is a street racing crew who drives Exotics and are based in the Fortuna borough of Palmont City.

How do you use reward cards in Need for Speed Carbon?

re: How to view reward cards/use them.

To reduce your heat level, from main menu go to Career>Resume Career>Car Select and then in bottom choose Career Controls(on PC press number 1). From there click Reduce Heat which costs 1000$. If you have Heat level 4, you must click 4 times, so 4000$ to drop to level 1.

How do you beat the wolf in Need for Speed Carbon?


  1. Its best to start with tuners, get kenjis pinkslip, and upgrade the rx-7, then you can even pass him in the canyon. …
  2. I recommend using a Camaro, seeing as you are only in the Tier 1 range. …
  3. If it’s when u 1st vers wolf then use bye a muscle car and max out speed, accelaration and brakes.
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