How do you get Darius car in Need for Speed Carbon?

Darius drives an Audi Le Mans quattro, which is a Tier 3 car that can only be unlocked as a Custom Car for Quick Race after beating him in the final Canyon Duel. His car appears with a Stacked Deck livery.

Can you get Darius car in NFS Carbon?

After you win the canyon duel with Darius, the screen says that the player has unlocked the Le Mans Quattro, and 4 other cars, whichever the player cannot unlock in their career. Also, there is a cutscene after that screen, in which Darius gives you the car.

How do you unlock cars in Need for Speed Carbon?

Unlockable Cars

  1. Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic) – Defeat Wolf in Boss Battle mode.
  2. Colin – Defeat Wolf or TFK.
  3. Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle) – Defeat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.
  4. Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic) – Clear all 3 Turf War races.
  5. Mazda RX7 (Tuner) – Defeat Kenji in Boss Battle mode.
  6. Nikki – Defeat all 3 beginning bosses.
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What is the fastest car in Need for Speed Carbon?

re: Fastest Car? IMO Porsche Carrera GT is the fastest car.

How do you beat Darius in Need for Speed Carbon?

try to stay ahead of him. go to the inside of the next turn(remember, you’re still in front of him) try to accelerate and turn at the same time (even though its a muscle, which has horrible turning, you should be at like . 50 seconds left till you beat him) you can tap a to stay off the cliff, you should beat him.

Who is Nikki NFS Carbon?

Nikki is played by Emmanuelle Vaugier in-game.

How do you get a pink slip in Need for Speed Carbon?

Pink slips are the three cards that the racer is presented with after winning a race against a boss in Carbon. A pink slip will get the racer cash, a unique upgrade, or the ultimate prize: the car driven by the boss during that race.

What is the best car in NFS Carbon?

Lotus Elise

This little devilkin was the best car in Most Wanted. Better than Mercedes’, Astons, Porsches – most of the players drove the Elise. In fact it didn’t lose its main speed in Carbon, which is handling in the corners, but when compared to tier III cars it is simply too slow.

How do you cheat on Need for Speed Carbon?

Type any of the following cheat codes at the ‘CLICK TO CONTINUE’ screen.

Codes For NFS-Carbon.

Effect Code
unlocks Need for Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls lotsoffreelogos
unlocks Need for Speed Carbon Special Logo lotsoffreevinyls
unlocks Pharrell Vinyl pharrellvinylgogo
unlocks Rhino for the quick race trashtalking
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What is Castrol cash in NFS Carbon?

Answers. It means that you get $10,000. Oh yeah, you can only use the cheat once.

Is NFS Carbon still online?

Due to the drop in users, Electronic Arts will discontinue the sale and support for online versions of five Need for Speed games. These games include NFS Carbon, Undercover, Speed Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed, and The Run. … The games will continue to be playable online only from September 1, 2021.

What cars are in Need for Speed Carbon?


Vehicle Tier Unlock/Notes
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR-Edition Tier 3 Journeyman’s Bane (Kenji)
Nissan 350Z Tier 3 Exotic Career: North Broadway/Muscle Career: Blackwell Road/Tuner Career: Take Diamond Hills
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Tier 3 Complete Exotic or Muscle Career/Tuner Career: Take Canmor Downs

What car beats Darius in Need for Speed Carbon?

Darius is the final boss you have to defeat in the game. He uses the Audi Le Mans Quattro (which when released was renamed the Audi R8). He is a difficult boss to beat, as his car is very fast and has excellent handing and acceleration.

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