How much power does an autocross use?

Is autocross hard?

Autocrossing is hard on the tires compared to every day driving. 2 things to keep in mind: 1. You tend to get a lot of seat time at a school, so you might see more wear than at the average autox event.

How much horsepower does a track car have?

The question is very subjective, but I would put the number somewhere around 140-150whp. That is enough power to make you feel like you’re still driving a sports car in a straight line, but not so much that you’re afraid of the throttle pedal on corner exit. Visit Savington’s homepage!

Does autocross damage your car?

Autocross will wear out tires. It has a small effect on brakes and your clutch. It will accelerate wear of shocks and other suspension bushings. With proper maintenance, it will have very little affect on the drivetrain.

How much HP is too much for drifting?

The sweet spot for drifting is probably 500 horsepower while trying to drift with 90 horsepower could be a challenge.

How dangerous is autocross?

Yes, autocross is relatively safe, but as has been related in this thread, accidents can and do happen. If you hang around long enough, you’ll hear numerous stories of doom.

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How do you drive an autocross?

Andy Hollis’ Top 10 Autocross Tips

  1. Lift early instead of braking later. …
  2. It’s easier to add speed in a turn than to get rid of it. …
  3. Use the gas pedal to modulate car position in constant radius turns, not the steering wheel. …
  4. Unwind the wheel and then add power. …
  5. Attack the back. …
  6. Hands follow the eyes, car follows the hands.

Is 800 hp alot?

A 800-1000 hp car could be difficult to drive in traffic. A little too much pressure on the accelerator could result in massive wheel spin or send a car sideways. A driver may end up holding horses more than pushing them.

Is 1000 HP too much?

Short answer: Yes. 1000hp is too much for a street car.

Is 1000 HP a lot?

Over 700 hp is attainable now by splashing some cash at the dealer, but 1,000 hp still isn’t typical, although more and more cars are grabbing headlines with that magic number. If you want to experience the rush of 1,000 hp or more, these are the cars to do it in.

How long do autocross events last?

Most regions have courses in the 40-60 second range and try to release a car every 20-30 seconds. This can mean there are as many as 3 or 4 cars on the course at one time, but far enough spaced out that they do not interfere with one another. There will be a series of work stations on the course, each with a red flag.

Can you win money in autocross?

There is no prize money, no guaranteed contract that gives you a car and gas and tires for free. … Even if you are the national champion and win a set of tires, I know that you’ve spent way more than the value of a set of tires on autocross events.

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Can you drift in autocross?

If you want to drift, go to a drifting event. If you want to piss people off, go to an autocross, get shown the door, and get “uninvited” to future events. Besides being a safety (courseworker) issue, some clubs’ insurance does not cover drifting. Other times it is not allowed at the site.

How much power do I need to drift?

I voted for over 350 bhp as I usually drift with 4wd cars and they need raw power to be held in the slide. Most rwd cars drift well with about 300 bhp though.

How much power does it take to do a burnout?

Press the gas pedal with your right foot and rev the engine up to around 3,000-5,000 rpms. To repeat, this isn’t an exact range, and you’ll have to know and understand your car to know how high you should rev it. You need enough power not to stall, but not too much that you’ll burn your clutch.

What are good drifting cars?

15 Best Drift Cars For Beginners

  • BMW E36 M3.
  • Nissan 350Z.
  • Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T.
  • Mazda MX-5/Miata NB.
  • Nissan 240sx S14.
  • BMW E46 M3.
  • Toyota JZX-90.
  • Nissan 180sx.


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