Quick Answer: What is the hardest race to run in track?

Pole vault is the hardest event in track and field. Imagine taking a fiberglass pole and running full speed to launch yourself 19-20 feet in the air( at the elite level). Pole vaulting has been studied by physicists for years and many great pole vault coaches have science and kineis and biomechanics degrees.

Is the 400m the hardest race?

The 400m hurdles is widely regarded as the hardest track event. It takes all the speed of a 400m runner plus having to clear 10 high hurdles.

What is the hardest distance in track?

the hardest distance event is probably the 800m. it pains me to say this, but it is the pole vault. Anyone can go run 100m, crash into hurdles run 2 miles, jump into a sand pit or flop onto a mat.

What is the most painful track race?

The 3200 isn’t a tough race, it is just boring. The 800 is the hardest event. It takes more than just ability. It also takes mental toughness to keep from pussing out of the race.

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Which running event is the hardest?

The World’s 8 Toughest Races

  • Barkley Marathons. Category: Navigation. …
  • Western States Endurance Run. Categories: Elite competition and heat. …
  • Hardrock 100. Category: Elevation. …
  • Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) Category: Elevation and elite competition. …
  • Marathon des Sables. …
  • The Rut. …
  • Badwater 135. …
  • Mount Marathon Race.


What’s a good time for 400m?

You should run 400m within 1 minute always. Top athletes run 400m within 45-46 seconds. If you reach to the 45 seconds mark, you can get an entry in Olympic games.

Is it possible to sprint a 400m?

The 400 meter dash is known to be the hardest race in track and field. This race is a full sprint. It is rare that a person can sprint a full 400 meters, so there are tips and race plans that can help a runner achieve get a better time and succeed in the 400 meter dash.

What is the most difficult race in the world?

Savages Only: 15 Toughest Races In The World

  • Spartathlon. …
  • Iditarod Trail 1000 Invitational. …
  • The Jungle Marathon. …
  • 6633 Arctic Ultra. …
  • Enduroman Arch 2 Arc. …
  • Marathon Des Sables. …
  • The Patagonian Expedition Race. …
  • Badwater 135. According to Badwater, this sole-destroying marathon is the world’s toughest foot race.


Is 400m or 800M harder?

It would, of course, depend upon your personal physiology and the intensity at which the distance was run; but it is generally accepted that at “race pace,” the most difficult distances to run are the 800m and the 400m IH. Either the 800M or 400 Hurdles cause both are sprints.

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What is the most dangerous track event?

TOP 10 most dangerous race tracks in the world

  • Nürburgring Nordschleife – Green hell. …
  • Circuit de la Sarthe – 24 hours of Le Mans. …
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza – one of three oldest permanent race tracks in the world. …
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – One of the most dangerous Formula One race track. …
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Who is the greatest track athlete of all time?

Table: The Top Ranked Athletes from Track and Field at the Olympic Games

rank name rating
1 Paavo Nurmi 60
2 Carl Lewis 56
3 Usain Bolt 48
4 Ray Ewry 48

What is the fastest 800m?

800 metres

Athletics 800 metres
Men’s 800 metres final in Daegu 2011.
World records
Men David Rudisha 1:40.91 (2012)
Women Jarmila Kratochvílová 1:53.28 (1983)

What is the longest race in high school track?

  • 4 x 100m Relay/ 400m Relay. …
  • 4 x 400m Relay/ 1600m. …
  • 20 Kilometer Race Walk. Both race walking events are endurance events and usually contested on a road course. …
  • 50 Kilometer Race Walk. This is the longest of all the track & field events, covering more than 30 miles of intense racing.

What is a 100 mile race called?

But the last few decades have seen growing numbers of runners regularly tackling distances exceeding the traditional marathon. So-called “ultra-marathon runners” contest races from 35 miles (56km) to 100 miles (160km)—and occasionally further—in a single stage.

What is the longest non stop run?

From October 12-15, 2005, Karnazes ran 350 miles across Northern California without stopping. He didn’t stop to sleep or to eat, or – in the most stupefying accomplishment of all – he did not even slow down to sample a Sonoma Valley chilled chardonnay. All told, he ran for 80 hours, 44 minutes without a break.

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What is the longest race you can run?

The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race is the world’s longest certified footrace.

Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race
Event type Ultramarathon
Distance 3,100 miles (5,000 km)
Beneficiary Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
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