Best answer: How do I enable NFS debugging?

How do I debug NFS mount issues?

Make sure that you have told NFS to register any changes you made to /etc/exports since starting nfsd by running the exportfs command. Be sure to type exportfs -ra to be extra certain that the exports are being re-read. Check the file /proc/fs/nfs/exports and make sure the volume and client are listed correctly.

How do I view NFS logs in Linux?

Enable debugging for NFS logs :

In the above output you can see its enabled list of modules for debugging (on right) for daemon nfsd (on left). Once this is done you need to restart your NFS daemon. After restarting you can check Syslog and voila! There are your NFS logs!

Why NFS is not working?

Check the file /proc/fs/nfs/exports and make sure the volume and client are listed correctly. … Finally, try to ping the client from the server, and try to ping the server from the client. If this doesn’t work, or if there is packet loss, you may have lower-level network problems.

What is Rpcdebug?

Description. The rpcdebug command allows an administrator to set and clear the Linux kernel’s NFS client and server debug flags. Setting these flags causes the kernel to emit messages to the system log in response to NFS activity; this is typically useful when debugging NFS problems.

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Can’t connect to NFS server?

To resolve this issue, ensure that there are no issues related to network connectivity, permissions on the NFS Server, or firewall settings: Note: Run all commands in these steps from the ESXi/ESX command line with root access. Ensure that you can ping and vmkping the NFS server address.

How do I troubleshoot NFS?

How to Troubleshoot NFS Client Connectivity Issues

  1. Check that the NFS server is reachable from the client system. …
  2. If the server is not reachable from the client, check that the local naming service is running.
  3. If the local naming service is running, check that the client has the correct host information.

How do I view NFS logs?

How to Enable NFS Server Logging

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role. …
  2. (Optional) Change file-system configuration settings. …
  3. Add entries for each file system to be shared by using NFS server logging. …
  4. Check if the NFS service is running on the server. …
  5. (Optional) Start the NFS service.

What is NFS log?

OneFS writes log messages associated with NFS events to a set of files in /var/log. With the log level option, you can now specify the detail at which log messages are output to log files.

What is NFS port number?

NFS uses port 2049. NFSv3 and NFSv2 use the portmapper service on TCP or UDP port 111. The portmapper service is consulted to get the port numbers for services used with NFSv3 or NFSv2 protocols such as mountd, statd, and nlm.

Why does NFS hang?

If an NFS server goes down, the clients using its file systems hang if they reference these file systems before the server recovers. … The system call is interrupted when the process making the call receives a signal, usually sent by the user typing Ctrl-C or using the kill command.

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How do I check NFS mount connectivity?

How to Check Connectivity on an NFS Client

  1. On the client, check that the NFS server is reachable. …
  2. If the server is not reachable from the client, ensure that the local name service is running on the client. …
  3. If the name service is running, ensure that the client has received the correct host information.

How do you troubleshoot a mount issue?

Troubleshooting NFS Mount Issues in Linux

  1. Install the required nfs packages if not already installed on the server # rpm -qa | grep nfs-utils. # yum install nfs-util.
  2. Use the mount command to mount exported file systems. …
  3. Update /etc/fstab to mount NFS shares at boot time.


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