How long are drag boat races?

The usual drag boat racing length is 1/8 miles and ¼ mile, the most common length is 3/16 mile plus 10 feet. They race over a course of a specific length. Drag boat racing starts from a short rolling start. They cannot pass unless the light turns green.

How long are drag races?

Drag racing, form of motor racing that originated in the United States and in which two contestants race from a standing start side by side on a drag strip—a flat, straight course, most commonly 1/4 mile (0.4 km) long.

How long is a drag boat track?

There are three standard drag race course lengths, 660 feet (1/8 mile), 1,320 foot (1/4 mile), and the most common length, used in professional drag boat racing, 1,000 feet (3/16 mile plus 10 feet).

When did NHRA go to 1000 feet?

Top Fuel and Funny Car, the two nitromethane-fueled classes, scaled back to 1,000 feet in mid-2008, following a tragic death. Traditionally, a drag strip is 1,320 feet, which equals a quarter-mile. (One mile equals 5,280 feet.)

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How dangerous is drag boat racing?

Without a doubt, drag boat drivers are at great risk because of the high speeds, potential accidents and the danger of drowning. Most race boats do not have the same types of safety features standard in race cars-no roll bars, seat belts or on board fire extinguishers.

What’s the fastest 1/4 mile time ever?

Worlds Fastest 1/4 mile ever on dragstrip 3.58 secs @ 386 mph (621.61 km/h)

What is the fastest 1/4 mile time for a street legal car?

It was the world’s quickest and fastest street legal car in the 1/4 mile as of June 2012, with a 6.59 @ 220 mph elapsed time. Jeff Lutz is now the fastest street legal in the world with a time of 5.85 @250 mph.

Are drag boats faster than drag cars?

The boats are running on an average 3-5 10ths quicker et’s than the cars, at only 240-260 mph. Take the 125 feet of any way you choose and re-do your math and tell me which one accelerates faster. If you really want to find out do a little research on the 330′ , 660′ , and 800′ times between the two and it’s amazing.

What is the fastest drag boat?

‘Problem Child’ may be an understatement for the fastest nitro drag boat in the world that boasts an incredible 8000 HP and can reach speeds of 262 MPH in just 3.5 seconds! Problem Child was the creation of Eddie Knox and Larry Bless.

What is the fastest boat in the world?

Wondering what is the fastest boat in the world? Unbelievably, the Guinness World Record for the fastest boat in the world is held by the jet-powered hydroplane Spirit of Australia which reached an estimated speed of 344.86 MPH.

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Why did they shorten the drag strip?

However, due to safety concerns, certain sanctioning bodies (notably the NHRA for its Top Fuel and Funny Car classes) have shortened races to 1,000 feet. Some drag strips are even shorter and run 660 feet, 201 m, or 1/8 mile.

What is the fastest NHRA speed?

NHRA – National Hot Rod Association

Brittany Force made the fastest pass in Top Fuel history, a national-record run of 338.17 in 3.659 seconds, an e.t. that carried her to the No. 1 spot and broke the track e.t. record. The old national speed record was 336.57 set by Tony Schumacher at Phoenix in early 2018.

Who is the best drag racer of all time?

TOP 50 RACERS (1951-2000)
1. Don Garlits Don Prudhomme
5. Shirley Muldowney Warren Johnson
9. Joe Amato Mickey Thompson
13. Pat Austin Ronnie Sox

What fuel do racing boats use?

We use an extremely high-octane 85 percent ethanol blend in our engine to routinely break 200-plus miles per hour in shootout races. If you’re a recreational boater you won’t need all that octane, plus you won’t be able to find racing fuel at the pump.

What is the fastest water vehicle?

The world unlimited water speed record is the officially recognised fastest speed achieved by a water-borne vehicle. The current record is 511 km/h (318 mph), achieved by Australian Ken Warby in the Spirit of Australia in 1978. The record is one of the sporting world’s most hazardous competitions.

How much does a Top Fuel drag boat cost?

Top-fuel drag boats often cost $200,000 or more. Factory-class drag boats often cost $20,000 to $40,000.

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