What is the fastest car in NFS MW?

Which is better NFS MW 2005 or 2012?

NFS MW 2005 is like a aged wine that gets better as it gets older. Its main attraction is the plethora of customization that is available to the user. NFS MW 2012 is the advanced version without the customization option. It has made a remarkable improvement in terms of graphics and gameplay and also multiplayer.

Which is the best car for pursuit in NFS Most Wanted?

the best car is the gallardo.. great acceleration and top speed. and the controls are perfect.. for roadblocks the audi A4, mustang or gallardo is beat.

What is Junkman in NFS Most Wanted?

Junkman parts permanently raise a performance aspect and can be stacked with any upgrade package. They can be unlocked by selecting the “Unique Performance Upgrade” marker upon defeating a Blacklist racer. They can be unlocked for usage in My Cars by completing the Burger King Challenge event in the Challenge Series.

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What is Speedbreaker in NFS MW?

Speedbreaker is a gameplay feature available in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Need for Speed: Carbon, and Need for Speed: Undercover. Speedbreaker allows the player to enter a temporary state of slow motion.

Why NFS Most Wanted is best?

Controls are easy, great graphics and crashes are awesome. NFS Rivals is combination of NFS Most Wanted and NFS Hot Pursuit. There are two modes. (1) Play as a Cop (2) Play as a Racer.

Is Most Wanted 2012 Good?

The result is one of the smartest, most enjoyable racing games of 2012 – one that slams emphasis directly on the race itself. Even better, it doesn’t require you to give a toss about Top Gear in order to love it.

How do you get a police car in NFS Most Wanted?

Cop cars can be also used in the Multiplayer mode of the game. To achieve this, press Escape in the game world to bring up the Main Menu. Select “Multiplayer,” select a cop car in the Car Changer app, and then have all the players in this game mode crash their car to respawn in the selected cop car.

What is the cheat code of NFS Most Wanted?

Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Effect
castrol Unlocks the Castrol Ford GT.
givemethegto Unlocks the GTO.
iammostwanted Unlocks all cars.
burgerking Unlocks the Burger King Challenge.

Where are the cars in NFS Most Wanted?

Jack Spot Cars | Cars list NfS: Most Wanted Guide

#1 //ARIEL ATOM 500V8 Location 1: McClane Location 2: Fairhaven West Location 3: Fairhaven North
#30 //RANGE ROVER EVOQUE Location 1: Interstate 92 East Location 2: Ripley’s Point Location 3: McClane
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How do you skip the blacklist on Need for Speed Most Wanted?

You can skip even or odd black list members depending on when you decide to skip first one. you need to beat Black List member first then click where i’ve pointed in video. Probably even razor is skipable.

How do you unlock all performance parts in NFS Most Wanted?

Easy upgrades

Before you can do anything, you must win the Burger King Challenge. Once you win it, you will unlock all unique parts (also called Junkman parts). Get any car and put all the parts on it except performance. Once you have your car the way you desire, go to the performance shop.

How many times can you use Junkman parts?

You can’t re-use them. But you can have more than 1 to spend on different cars. I have 2 or 3 unique performance tickets for every performance part.

How do you slow down time in NFS Most Wanted?

Press the Speedbreaker key to enter slow-motion. A yellow meter appears in the center of the screen, showing the time remaining. Aim your car and then press the Speedbreaker key again to exit slow-motion.

How do you destroy the helicopter in Need for Speed Most Wanted?


  1. When the helicopter in top of you, just hit the pursuit breaker. …
  2. Hit the signs on the highway or just keep going till it runs out of gas.

How do you use nitro in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005?

Open the trainer and your game. Press F1 key. You will get infinite nitrous. Press ctrl+alt to activate the nitrous.

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