Where is the barn find in Forza Horizon 2 in Montellino?

Where is the barn in Montellino Forza Horizon 2?

Found southeast of Montellino, to the right of the highway that runs north and south from Castelleto, this barn is located directly beside a rather huge open building that has hay and an XP board inside it.

How do you unlock barn finds in Forza Horizon 2?

Lamborghini Miura 0400 – This is the first Barn Find you will unlock after about five races. This one is pretty basic just take the road to the symbol on the map and roll up to the garage. It will take some time before you can use it but the wait is worth it. This care races in the Classic Performance division.

Are there barn finds in Forza Horizon 2?

Barn Finds make their return in Forza Horizon 2. Once the game has given you a hint as to the location of an unfound barn, you can zoom off to claim its contents for your own. … Use the maps below to take the guess work out of your search.

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Where is the autumn barn find?

The Autumn barn can be found in the South of the Horizon Festival Site and holds inside an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato, which ties in nicely with the Best of Bond cars that will be available. The Winter barn can be found slap bang in the middle of Derwent Water, with a yellow Range Rover Land Rover hidden inside.

Where is the abandoned car in Forza Horizon 2?

The garage will be located near some buildings enclosed by small stone walls. Location: You need to travel to the upper side of the San Giovanni Car Meet icon on your mini-map to find this amazing car. Travel up the hill and get to the right side of the ‘P’ icon to find this rusty old car.

What level do you have to be to get a barn find?

Forza Horizon 4 Barn Finds aren’t unlocked until after you’ve completed the first few hours of Forza Horizon 4, but they’re well worth tracking down once you’ve unlocked them.

What is the fastest car in Forza Horizon 2?

Forza Horizon 2 Fastest US Street Muscle Car : Dodge Dart (224mph) – YouTube.

How do you trigger barn finds in Forza Horizon?

A Barn Find is activated from a “barn rumor” which is either announced on the radio by the DJ or through a call from Alex. Following the call(or announcement) a hint circle will appear on the map. This circle marks the general area in which the barn is located.

Where are the barn finds in Forza Horizon 1?

Barn Find #1

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In Finley Dam area, as we go down the dam, on the dirt-road. The first Forza Horizon Barn Find is on the right side of the road.

What country is Forza Horizon 2 in?

Forza Horizon 2 is a racing video game, featuring an open world environment. The player participates in the Horizon Festival, a fictional racing competition set within Southern France and Northern Italy.

How long does it take to restore a barn find?

Just give it time. My Bentley barn find took about a week of on and off playing to finally get repaired. It will eventually complete. One of mine took about 2 weeks real time.

How do I claim a barn find?


  1. All you need to do is go to the horizon festival and go inside. Then just go to the barn finds which should have a notification number on it. …
  2. When you got to a house or the festival home, and then hit (x) you will see a barn find menu on the right.

What is the last barn find?

Barn Find 15 – Winter – 1973 Range Rover Land Rover

The final barn in Forza Horizon 4 can only be found during the winter season in-game and is located on the frozen lake known as Derwent Water.

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