Which is the best car in NFS Underground 2?

Easily the most balanced machine in the game, I’d go as far to say that the RX-8 is the best driver’s car in NFS: U2’s inventory. Progressing to the Mazda after playing around with front-wheel drive cars like a Corsa allows you to feel the steering free up thanks to its power being sent to the back.

What is the best car in Need for Speed Underground?

To get the Nissan Skyline, you must beat event 79/111 and be in 1st place. After you beat this event, after the game, it will say congrats, and that you have unlocked the 1999 Nissan Skyline. This is probably the fastest car in the game, so use it well.

What cars can you get in Need for Speed Underground 2?

Need for Speed Underground 2 Car List

  • 2003 Acura RSX Type S (Only in North American version))
  • 2004 Audi A3.
  • 2004 Audi TT.
  • 2004 Cadillac Escalade.
  • 2003 Ford Focus ZX3.
  • 2005 Ford Mustang GT.
  • 2000 Honda Civic Coupe Si (Only in North American version))
  • 2004 Hummer H2.
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How many cars are there in NFS Underground 2?

There are two versions of the game, US and EU, where each version has 29 of 31 possible cars: the US version has an Acura RSX and a Honda Civic, while the EU version instead has a Peugeot 106 and a Vauxhall Corsa, the rest of the 27 cars in both versions are the same.

How long NFS Underground 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 102 19h 49m
Main + Extras 64 21h 52m
Completionists 49 29h 07m
All PlayStyles 215 22h 33m

How do you unlock everything in Need for Speed Underground 1?

Cheat List

  1. Unlock All Drag Tracks: RIGHT, SQUARE, LEFT, R1, SQUARE, L1, L2, R2.
  2. Unlock All Drift Tracks: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, R2, R1, L2.
  3. Unlock All Circuit Tracks: DOWN, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, SQUARE.
  4. Unlock All Sprint Tracks: UP, R2, R2, R2, R1, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.


What is the fastest car in NFS Underground 2?

the car with the fastest top speed is the skyline. 420 KMh (no joke ).

Will they remaster Need for Speed Underground 2?

Unfortunately, there is very little chance of Need for Speed Underground 2 being remastered in the future, as the game features plenty of copyrighted material, such as licensed cars and music, not to mention licensed performance and visuals upgrades made by companies that are defunct for years.

Can you sell your cars in Need For Speed Underground 2?

u cant sell your car u can only trade it for another car, and u dont get your mods back. u have to start from scratch. re: how do i sell a car? if you buy 5 cars, you will have to delete one car.

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Can you get Need for Speed Underground 2 on ps4?

need for speed underground 2 ps4 – Best Buy.

Is NFS underground open world?

Free Ride allows the player to freely roam around the game’s setting. All titles that do not have an open world location allow the player to drive on a track without any lap limitations and opponents instead.

Who made NFS Underground 2?

Need for Speed: Underground 2/Разработчики

When was NFS Underground 2 released?

November 9, 2004

What city is Need for Speed Underground 2?

Bayview is a fictional city on the west coast of the United States of America, in which Need for Speed: Underground 2 takes place.

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